Before you jet off

The Scribble Weekly
Vol. 1, Issue 13

Pardon the interruption in your last-minute travel planning.

Or in your packing before heading out for the holiday.

Or mid-mojito-sipping at the cantina.

Or ayahuasca-sampling on the playa.

Oh, summertime, we’ll miss you, but ...

September signifies the start of something new. Back to school. Reinvention. Refocusing on work. Welcoming autumn. Turning a new leaf.

So, if you’re thinking it’s time to emerge from the lazy summer and get busy on content, then this Scribble’s for you.

Let's recap

For the last three weeks, we’ve discussed tactics to put your content marketing strategy into action.

Hiring a PR professional, deploying your content on social media, and being smart about email marketing are just three spokes on your content marketing wheel.

We can do it ... and more

But did you know that in addition to helping you with all the above, Scribe can also do things like ghostwrite Forbes articles, make e-books for product launches, and develop whitepapers that dive deep into an area of expertise?

Yep. When it comes to the written word on financial content, you can bet that we’re your go-to for original, publication-ready content that’s as compliant as possible.

Our 5-step editorial process ensures that you’re getting an expertly-written, curated masterpiece that hits your marketing goals and connects with your audience, without the hassle of worrying about whether you hired the right freelancer or gig-seeker in the vast content marketplace.

An offer for The Scribble readers

Because it’s almost Labor Day and we’re ready to soak up the last unofficial days of summer sun, we’ve got a special offer for The Scribble readers.

For the first 10 Scribble readers who book a Discovery Call for any content package, marketing strategy service, or project mentioned above, we’ll give you a flat 5% discount on the first month of service (up to $500).

Schedule a short, no-obligation Discovery Call today.

Whether you want to chat about a content package, content distribution strategy, e-book, or whitepaper, you’ll be able to save cold-hard cash just by exploring what Scribe can do for your next financial content project.

This applies to new and old content customers, so what are you waiting for?

Questions? Simply reply to this email or write us at

You can also check out all that we do, view our latest content work, and see client testimonials and case studies.

— Your friends at Scribe 

Next week:

  • We’re taking a break, but we'll share a rerun of one of our most popular newsletters.

P.S. A 20 second-ish movie review

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

OK, so who doesn’t remember these awesome books from your youth? If these beloved books struck a chord with you, and are being re-discovered by your kids, or nieces and nephews, then this film is worth a theater visit.

The stories are woven throughout a larger narrative of kids in the small town of Mill Valley in the late ‘60s, who stumble upon a haunted book that aims to seal their fates by conjuring up their greatest fears. The premise works — not super scary, but fun and with great effects, too.