How to blog for repeat business like this CEO

The Scribble Weekly
Vol. 1, Issue 9

What if every time you posted a blog, you ended up with new business?

Seems too good to be true, right?

But it is possible, and it is true for at least one of our industry friends.

Which is why, this week, we’re sharing how he does it.

If you’ve ever been curious about how to blog to get new or repeat business, then this Scribble’s for you.

Meet Tim

Tim Li is the founder of Alchemy, a lending platform for banks, fintechs, and financial services companies.

He has started and grown multiple fintech companies over the years and, as a result, has become a fixture among the fintech conference and speaker circuit.

Tim leverages his event appearances and his network with the power of content marketing.

He generates new and repeat business from two primary sources: word-of-mouth referrals and blogs.

Now, whether your customer wants to refer you to anyone else depends on client happiness, so let’s focus on what we can control, and that’s blogging to get leads.

Here are some key points about Tim’s story.

How often do you blog?

At a minimum, I write once a week for our corporate site and a couple of other publications.

Which blog post led to the greatest response from leads/clients/colleagues?

The one about direct mail marketing with our A.I. company MaxDecisions, Inc. (Read the article here).

How did you secure your guest contributor spot with Crowdfund Insider?

I was already a regular commentator in the fintech space because I had worked on different lending, crowdfunding, and banking projects for so long.

One of the websites that I read and frequented was

A few years ago, I had a chance to virtually meet the site’s founder, Andrew Dix. He asked me to contribute on the fintech industry in general, so that’s when I started.

How do you determine your blogging topics?

My writing process begins with tossing 3 to 5 topics around in my mind of what's relevant in the fintech space. I then begin sketching out ideas in my head for a few weeks. Then, I schedule a 30-minute writing session concentrating on one of these topics, and I crank it out.

The power of content marketing

There are a few relevant points about Tim’s story.

  1. He put in the work

  2. This led to him having knowledge about the industry, which

  3. Allowed him to comment on the industry, and

  4. Secured his invitation to guest contribute, and

  5. Gave him a platform to promote himself and his services.

You may think his situation is unique, but it’s not.

If you’ve got something to say, then you can start establishing your authority by putting it out there in the form of blogging.

Start on your own company website, and then post a similar version to LinkedIn or to a Medium company page. That right there is a multi-platform content distribution strategy, and it’s free.

Once it’s out in the world, let the public then assign value to it.

You’ll know it’s working with the feedback you receive. Over time, you’ll even begin to learn about the topics that people want to read about.

You can also tap into your network and reach out directly, or get the help of public relations agencies, to provide guest contributor opportunities.

The best part is that you don’t even have to write your posts yourself. It’s hard to execute the same discipline that Tim has, as far as meeting a regular cadence is concerned (which we discussed in Volume 1, Issue 5 of The Scribble).

Get help writing your content

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