Surf is to turf like email marketing is to content

The Scribble Weekly
Vol. 1, Issue 12

Rollin’…rollin’…rollin’ down the content marketing wheeeeel.

Well, you catch our drift.

In prior weeks, we talked about content marketing strategy resembling a big wheel.

In the middle of that wheel, there’s your content.

Your owned content is the fruit of your labor: These are your original thoughts expressed as words, images, and videos.

From there, you’ve got the spokes, or the tactics to help propel the content outward.

Tactics are the ways you execute upon a strategy (in this case your content marketing strategy) and you can implement as many as necessary to distribute your content.

We've already discussed implementing public relations and social media tactics.

Today, we discuss email marketing.

If you want a fresh approach to achieve more effective email marketing, then this Scribble’s for you. 

How to make email marketing a crucial part of your content marketing strategy

Emails. Ugh. Everyone gets them, not everyone reads them.

So what if 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute their content?

Though three-quarters of marketers consider email marketing to be the most effective distribution channel, we also know that today’s adult attention span has been reported to be between 8 to 11 seconds.

So, how do you get more people to read your emails in a sea of others?

Have list integrity

The most engaged audience is one that has already expressed interest in and subscribed to your brand’s updates.

While General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) still allows for “bought-in” lists and CAN SPAM rules allow renting (but not purchasing or selling) email lists, it’s best to rely simply on inbound marketing — like a newsletter sign-up form or page — to build your audience.

Also, the quality of your list will almost certainly result in better data, such as open, click, and engagement rates.

Think about an email that's worth opening, and do that

Be specific in your subject lines — what is it about this particular email that’s different from the rest?

Be daring: lead with numbers, stats, and/or reveal the Easter egg of the email right in the subject line.

Once they’re there, get to the point

Choose a layout or design that’s aligned with your brand.

Retail and consumer brands often rely on bold images, colors, countdowns, and large fonts. Meanwhile, educational or informative emails may rely more on textual content.

Depending on your layout, there are a slew of email marketing tools to help:

  • Try Mailchimp and Constant Contact for emails with visuals.

  • Consider ConvertKit, the very tool we rely on for The Scribble, for text-based emails.

  • A service like HubSpot can link your email marketing to customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Use email segmentation

Marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

Segmentation involves dividing your email list and targeting a reader based on specific list criteria.

Namely, demographic information, behavior, buying history, and browsing activity, among others. From this information, it’s possible to tailor email messages down to the very thing your audience wants.

According to Campaign Monitor, as cohorts grow larger, you can make your segments more granular.

Get it rolling

By actively putting all the spokes on the content marketing wheel in motion, over time, you’ll get more pageviews and engagement with your site. The more views, the more leads, and the more sales conversions!

If you need help getting any parts of your content marketing wheel in motion, get in touch by booking a Discovery Callproviding a little info, replying to this email, or writing us at

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— Your friends at Scribe 

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