Milk is to cookies like social media is to content

The Scribble Weekly
Vol. 1, Issue 11

Let the good times roll.

Last week, we talked about how a consummate public relations professional can help amplify your content.

This week, we’re examining another “spoke” on the content marketing wheel: social media.

People are of two minds when it comes to social media: It’s either the proverbial toilet of the internet — home of outrage, vanity, celebrities, ego, judgment, timewasters, and idiocy — OR it’s a place of information, humor, intellect, benefit, and academia.

While we love cat memes and guilty pleasures, we also often filter out the noise and learn from the positive impact of each channel.

Love it or hate it, social media is another surefire tactic to give your content some serious legs.

If you want new ideas for how to use social media to boost your original content, then this Scribble’s for you.

How to use social media in your content marketing strategy

So, you’ve just published an excellent piece of content. Now what? If you leave it alone, we’re pretty sure that nothing will happen. Nada.

No, you can’t just hit publish and expect tons of new followers or page traffic.

Instead, try these steps to distribute your content on one (or all) of your social channels.

Keep in mind that different social channels may serve a unique audience or purpose. For example, Scribe’s Instagram channel is where we get to have a bit of fun with grammar rules and pop culture memes, while our LinkedIn posts serve a very distinct business audience of prospective, active, and former fintech and financial clients. On Twitter, we serve a mix of the two audiences and content types.

6 ways to promote your content on social media

1. Lift your own material for social copy: 

You’ve done the heavy lifting of creating your content (or having it created for you). Now, put it to use.

Assuming you’ve created the best title, meta description, and article headlines that you can (this article will help), go to your content and pull out the following:

  • Title

  • Meta description (a 120-160 character word count)

  • Interesting fact or data point

  • Argument or convincing statement

  • Headers used to divide up your content sections

  • 5 compelling sentences that showcase what the content is about

Next, create social media posts for each, in different voices with your distinct audiences in mind. Done right, it will be a long time before you run out of copy combinations and ideas.

2. Conduct a poll: 

Most social channels incorporate polling tools to encourage audience engagement. This is a fun way to interact with followers by testing their knowledge with Easter eggs from your content.

Our very own social media guru says: 

Use polls to gather feedback about your content direct from your followers.

Ask, "What about this piece did you find most useful?" or, "What do you want to learn more about?"

Then, use that information to create more great content in the future. Not only will this help build engagement on your social posts, it will also help you zero in on topics that resonate most with your audience.

3. Shout out, tag others, and use hashtags: 

Consider shouting out and tagging like-minded industry peers whom you believe will find your content interesting or whose data you cited or attributed in your post.

If all goes well, they may like-in-kind or re-post your content, and their activity may encourage others to do the same.

Also, using a relevant hashtag is pretty much a no-brainer. A tool like RiteTag can help you find popular hashtags.

4. Encourage sharing and re-posting: 

Ask, and you shall receive. Oftentimes, a simple call-to-action such as asking for a “share” or “repost” will result in just that.

Use sparingly and for your best content.

5. Include testimonials: 

If someone has praised your content across social, then by all means reply with a thank you, or repost their glowing reviews.

This “social proof” shows others that you are listening and engaging with your audience, which encourages others to do the same.

6. Pay for distribution: 

Last but not least, consider paying to distribute your content. Used properly (this article by Neil Patel can help), you can leverage paid distribution to get real, measurable results that lead to traffic, page views, and ultimately, real conversions.

Not all paid distribution engines are the same, however, and tools like Dianomi can help target a financially-minded audience.

Get it rolling

By actively putting all the spokes on the content marketing wheel in motion, over time, you’ll get more pageviews and engagement with your site. The more views, the more leads, and the more sales conversions!

If you need help getting any parts of your content marketing wheel in motion, get in touch by booking a Discovery Callproviding a little info, replying to this email, or writing us at

You can also check out all that we do, view our latest content work, and see client testimonials and case studies.

— Your friends at Scribe 

Next week:

  • Another spoke on the content marketing wheel: Email marketing and segmentation, a deep dive

  • Potpourri: TV or book review.

Btw, this is how much puppies love The Scribble.

P.S. A couple of streaming TV Reviews

This week, we feature a series and a documentary, both on Netflix, that focus on the same religion but from different perspectives.


This endearing series tugs at your heartstrings, and tells the story of the Orthodox Jewish Shtisel family, set in modern-day Jerusalem.

Mainly, we follow young Akiva Shtisel as he navigates love and duty, and grapples with how his unwavering beliefs will impact both the woman he loves and his dream of becoming an artist. Most importantly, we’re exposed to the fascinating culture and customs of a way of life rarely exposed. 👍

One of Us

But … what happens when you stop being religious? This documentary follows three members of New York’s Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn who risk it all to “leave the community.” They face contempt, exile, and even violence from religious family members.

Completely alone, they are forced to start over, learn the basics of modern life, live apart from their children, and face the reality of their powerful choice. 👍