Guac is to taco like PR is to content

The Scribble Weekly
Vol. 1, Issue 10

Your content might go viral.

It might even make you “famous,” whatever that means in today’s digital world.

But more often than not, you need a deliberate strategy to amplify (promote and distribute) it.

At Scribe, we often get asked how a well-written piece of content can get massive amounts of page traffic, or go viral, or end up being picked up by all the top-tier news outlets.

Our answer is, “Well, it depends.” Is your brand well-known? Do you have a large presence on social media? Do you have a newsletter? Do you plan on paying to get your message out there?

If your answer is “Yes” to all of the above, and you actually leverage these advantages, then chances are your blog content will have more traffic than if you answered “No.”

But another question we always ask is whether you are working with a public relations (PR) agency.

Just like how the most delicious, spicy, and perfectly seasoned guac coaxes the flavors out of your favorite taco, a solid public relations professional can positively complement and accelerate your content marketing efforts.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work with a PR agency but were too afraid to ask, then this Scribble’s for you.

Spokes on a wheel

Think about content marketing strategy as a big wheel.

Blogging is just one spoke, or tactic, on that wheel. Social media, paid distribution, newsletters, and PR serve as other spokes, too.

It’s easy for people to mix them up because they align with and support each other, however, each operates quite uniquely on its own. Take PR, for example.

What is PR?

PR is how companies get mentioned in the news, whether it’s through a thoughtfully-placed CEO quote, a feature on workplace culture, or buzz about a new product launch.

Great PR professionals have relationships with journalists and editors who are always looking for new insights, trends, and interesting angles on the news.

Consider it a helping hand to establish presence and credibility for your brand.

How to make the most of a PR agency, from the leader of a top PR agency

We asked Binna Kim, president of Vested, a top financial communications agency based in New York, about making the most of a PR relationship. Here are some important takeaways:

What's your ideal client?

The best client is open to (and actively seeks out) honest feedback and creative ideas. Both we and the client get the most out of the partnership because we get to work together to problem-solve, in sometimes unconventional ways, versus just doing what's always been done, even if it may not be working.

What are the most common mistruths/misnomers about engaging a professional PR agency?

That we can all get any client onto the front page of the Wall Street Journal or on CNBC tomorrow!

Think about hiring a PR agency like hiring any consultant — we help identify the goals, diagnose any potential challenges, build a strategy to help reach those goals, and work together to get there. That may mean you actually do end up on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal one day — but there's work to be done to get there!

How can a client ensure a successful PR relationship?

Treat your agency like a member of your inner circle, not an external partner. The more transparent and communicative you are, the more likely your agency can give you great advice and deliver results.

Why should companies add PR as part of a robust content marketing strategy?

Earned media can help take content to the next level, getting you more eyeballs on the content you've already created. Having your content published on a respected third-party side brings credibility and validation to your ideas.

Get it rolling

By actively putting all the spokes on the content marketing wheel in motion, over time, you’ll get more pageviews and engagement with your site. The more views, the more leads, conversions, and so on.

If you need help getting any parts of your content marketing wheel in motion, get in touch by booking a Discovery Callproviding a little info, replying to this email, or writing us at

You can also check out all that we do, view our latest client content work, and see client testimonials and case studies.

— Your friends at Scribe 

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P.S. In memory of Toni Morrison

Today, we were to review the ultimate stoic handbook, “The Manual: A Philosopher’s Guide to Life,” by Epictetus.

Instead, we share two quotes from the late author of "Song of Solomon" and "Beloved" and Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison whose words impart her own stoic insights:

“As a writer, a failure is just information ... If you think of [writing] simply as information, you can get closer to success.”

And this, from her 1993 Nobel lecture:

“Oppressive language does more than represent violence; it is violence; does more than represent the limits of knowledge; it limits knowledge.”

See her other insights and teachings here.