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Scribe is the crown jewel of any editorial team. The team writes for all audiences, while remaining topical, relatable, and intelligent.

Comprised of incredibly gifted writers, great collaborators, and with amazing attention to detail, if you need something done well and done right, count on Scribe.

— Jeff Stevens 
Head of Social
Clarity Money

The Scribe team have been key players in our content marketing strategy. 

Standing out in a complex, regulated industry can be challenging, but Scribe's expertise in financial services allowed for quick, positive impact for us and our clients.

Aaron Schumm
Founder & CEO

Great Service. The projects are always delivered on time and communication is always on point — they really know what they are doing. We recommend Scribe for any company. 


Our Work


Content Creation

Check out our client portfolio of published content.

Whether you wish to build a blog library, establish yourself as a thought leader in Forbes, or highlight your company’s benefits, we can help you put the right words together for your customers and audience.

Website management

At Scribe, we not only write amazing content, we also help manage it. Check out our client portfolio of websites we oversee.


Client Case Studies


Ernst & Young 

Scribe is an official content strategy partner for Ernst & Young’s (EY) digital financial services organization.

We are also pioneering content for EY's wavespace™ innovation lab and the development of the wavespace™ Operation System (OS).

beyond accounting and advisory

With EY, Scribe works on client "innovation-as-a-service" projects.

Financial institutions often engage technology advisory services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers because these are not their core competencies. 

Scribe works with accounts, design, and technology teams and contributes content expertise on design sprints, style guides, client presentations, mobile-app copy, web copy, and writing and editing.

Due to the confidential nature of EY's client engagements, portfolio samples are available upon request. 


Clarity Money

Clarity Money, one of Google Play's "Best of 2017," featured by Apple's "New Apps We Love," and a Webby Award Nominee, was in need of a blog platform for content marketing and distribution, as well as a drip email marketing campaign to retain users after app download. 

Clarity Money

Clarity Money



Scribe sourced freelance contributors, implemented a style and process guide, and launched a beta blog. We also worked with the CEO and drafted his "founder's story." 

Today, we work with the VP of Content and Head of Social to curate and edit blogs and strategize social campaigns, respectively.

Site traffic has attracted more than 18,000 unique visitors and 26,000 pageviews since launching in August 2017.

We also mapped an initial email drip marketing campaign flow and wrote a 10-email series which encouraged new app users to open Clarity Savings Accounts, refer new users, sign up for bill monitoring services, and unlock their credit scores. 

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae wanted a top-down refresh of its eMortgage portal for wholesale lenders and loan servicers. 

Living in the past

The site copy was outdated; the site itself suffered from poor content organization, which impacted site navigation and user experience (UX). 

Answers were difficult to find. Valuable content was trapped in cumbersome PDF document downloads, which prevented keywords from appearing across Google and search engines.

Fannie Mae eMortgage Portal

Fannie Mae eMortgage Portal


Scribe called on its mortgage industry expertise and rewrote and reorganized content and copy for the eMortgage portal. We worked with a design and back-end technology partner to help work within the site's technical limitations to implement these changes.

We re-organized the flow of technical content into a more practical and logical order that followed the sequential steps of the mortgage process. 

We simplified and refreshed messaging for the eMortgage mission statement, Fact Sheets, and FAQ documents. 

Scribe also wrote copy for the eMortage Learning Series, which consisted of online training materials for onboarding new business partners.

Fannie Mae e-Learning Series

Fannie Mae e-Learning Series

Fannie Mae e-Learning Series

Options Group

Since 2015, Scribe has worked with Options Group, the world's leading Wall Street executive search firm, to produce its annual Overview & Compensation Reports and Buyside Reports. 


Each year, we collaborate with executive team members and key stakeholders to edit, copyedit, and proofread global recruitment summaries and forecasts.

We lend our content expertise to detailed market wrap-ups focused on all finance sectors including fixed income, currency and commodities (FICC), equities, hedge funds, investment banking, and private wealth management.

Options Group

Options Group