+ Why do you need Scribe?

You’re too busy running your business, focusing on your customers, fighting fires, and doing what you do best.

You already know that recruiting, hiring, and onboarding an in-house team of experienced writers and content marketers is way outside of your wheelhouse.

How Scribe can help:
We'll be your content specialists to oversee your editorial process, source industry-specific writers, and produce, publish, and promote your content where it matters most. Besides, you'll be joining the club of today’s leading companies that are already transforming their digital businesses with the help of specialized service providers.

You’ve got the next big idea ... for the world’s greatest blog, whitepaper, or email newsletter — all you have to do is write it up and hit “publish.” (Right?)

But where do you start, or even find the time to do all that?

How Scribe can help:
Your great idea is just that — an idea — without execution.

And those ideas are beginning to gather cobwebs.

It’s time to hand over the reins to professionals who can help you see them to fruition. Let us capture your company’s voice exactly how you would present yourself to the world. We can talk about your insights, expertise, and the features and benefits of your products or services with as much enthusiasm, conviction, and care as you would.

Your blog is quiet and your subscribers are hearing crickets.

You had great intentions when you started your blog, but it’s gone idle.

We understand that managing a blog is harder than you ever imagined — especially the discipline to create consistent, quality content.

How Scribe can help:
Don't risk your email subscriber list going cold. It’s time to get a partner who will be accountable for publishing — frequently and deliberately.

+ What kind of services do you offer?

We write the right stuff.
Your brand's voice matters. Let us own it.

We can be the voice of your executive team or even your favorite ghostwriters of short- to long-form blog posts, well-researched whitepapers, catchy presentations, zippy product descriptions, annual reports, insightful commentary on super-complicating topics, thought-provoking articles, press releases, and more.

We can install and develop your blog.
Want to launch your blog or improve on your existing one?

Let us be your preferred provider when it comes to launching your beta blog. Pick your content management software (CMS) poison: Wordpress? Wix? Squarespace? Your own software? Try us, we’ve dealt with ‘em all.

We can manage your editorial calendar and process.
Stuck in the weeds? There’s an easier way.

Let us advise and/or take over your editorial process and projects, so that you can hit your content milestones and deadlines, from start to finish.

We can deploy a solid content marketing strategy.
So you've got a blog. Whoop whoop. But what are you going to about it?

We can roll out a master plan to get your content out in the world, and more importantly, where it belongs.

We do this by performing data analysis on competitor traffic, referral sources, and optimal keywords and search phrases to land your business higher up on those google search results. No tricks or gimmicks here, just quality content the old fashioned way.

+ Who will write or work on my content?

Scribe has assembled an editorial content team of the best in the industry.

Our mission is to be the preeminent financial content agency and consultancy. We are a group of native English-speakers, finance and technology industry veterans, certified financial advisors and planners, journalists, best-selling authors, and award-winning writers.

We are also public relations and media alums with advertising agency, corporate, and startup world experience.

We value our work, and take pride in providing client service and producing content at an excellent level.

And ... we're excited to work with you!

+ How much does this cost?

Scribe offers two types of service agreements for clients: project basis or retainer fee basis.

We like to establish ongoing relationships with our clients, and we enjoy working for a minimum of three months depending on your content project and/or long-term goals.

We find that this is the most efficient and rewarding way of work — which is why we’re not interested in on-demand, one-off assignments lasting no more than one month.

We commit to nailing down a client’s voice and preferences, understanding your industry, product, and service, and have refined our creative process to get our results right each time.

We like to think of ourselves as your content partner, and we treat each client relationship as if we are working right alongside with you.

For projects, our fee consists of an hourly rate where we track our time or a flat rate for the duration of the project, with payments collected at set milestones and when we deliver the final product.

Our rate is based on our estimation for the scope of work involved from start to finish. The scope of work usually outlines project stages that include meetings, administrative duties, project management, research, design (if necessary), and writing and editing.

Sample Project Agreement Service:

Deliverable: An annual year-end report complete with market overviews, news and current events, forecasts, and data analysis.

Sample scope of work:

  • Planning phase: Setup organizational documents and meetings with printers and internal team members. Host kick-off calls to apprise team of important processes, milestones, and deadlines.
  • Research phase: Gather anecdotal insights and data from executive team members; compile significant data and research points from journals, news sources, and other relevant materials.
  • Content creation phase: Writing, editing, and proofreading text. Proposing first draft, applying edits, and preparing manuscript for printer.
  • Project management phase: Working with printer to produce first-round and subsequent drafts.
  • Delivery phase: Sign off on final work product and check for quality on final publication of report.

For our ongoing retainer services, our fees are collected monthly for the services performed and outlined in our scope of work. Our retainer fees take into consideration the amount of time and complexity of the service requested.

Sample Retainer Agreement Service:

Deliverable: Monthly blog content that covers thought leadership, product features, and seasonal and industry insights.

Sample scope of work:

  • Planning phase: Plan and pitch topics, develop creative briefs and gather research including SEO research for top links and competitor research. Attend meetings and communicate with marketing and compliance team members.
  • Content creation phase: Outline article, write, edit, proofread, copy edit, submit first draft for client review, apply second round edits, and finalize article.
  • Delivery phase: Gather images, upload content on CMS, and draft social-media ready posts for multiple social channels.

Payment Methods
We accept credit cards (processed securely by Stripe), all EFT bank payments (wires and direct deposits), and electronic payments via PayPal. Nominal fees may apply depending on the payment method chosen.

+ Do you offer free consultations? How does this work?

We’re a consultancy and an agency. Though some of you may be interested in what we can do for free, we prefer to build a relationship beyond a free intro call that can lead to real results and client happiness.

Here’s how we invest in each of our potential clients:

  1. Questionnaire: To gauge your needs and current setup, we typically ask reflection questions up front before a free introductory call. Your answers to these questions will help us get up to speed about who you are and how you think we can help. They will also determine if Scribe is a good fit for your business. If we feel we’re not a match, then we are usually able to refer some incredible service providers in our network.

  2. Discovery call or meeting: During our free 15-minute discovery call, we discuss your business needs, what you’d like to see from us, how we can help, and initial recommendations. We also chat about your ideas and how frequently you want our services.

  3. Proposal: After our call, we follow up with a full proposal, service agreement, and statement of work that outline what we’ll be doing for you. If you like what you see, then you will sign the documentation and initiate our engagement, and we will look forward to a satisfying and fulfilling content partnership.

  4. Engagement/Partnership: Onsite collaborations: If you're in the New York City area, we can collaborate with your team onsite. We’ve even represented our clients with customers and external partners to achieve goals and project deliverables. Cloud technology: We use the latest technology and tools to integrate remotely with your team, build relationships with team members, and represent the company at client meetings. Goals and check-ins: Client happiness and delivering excellent work are our priorities. We check-in with you regularly, and can provide reports and set Objectives and Key Results as you wish.